Error en las pertidas

Hay un error que ya me a ocurrido muchas veces el cual es que al inicio de una pertida se quede conjelado y ya no se pueda jugar esto causa que este perdiendo puntos. Es muy molesto ese error.

Hey there! Sorry to hear that you’ve had some troubles.
Does this happen in both ASYNC and ARENA?
Does it unfreeze after the first turn or so?

In both game modes and it freezes when they give me the keys and from there to there it doesn’t unfreezer

We have the same issue maam.

We will need you both to submit a ticket and send your account name + device/OS + logs so we can have our team look into this.

Could you both please open a ticket and send the logs in over there. under #request-support.
If you do not know how to submit lots, we can share a link. We will need them for our team to look into this, though.

Can l send you the information here?

If so, my name is HETEROS and my device is Samsung galaxy A02

The information would be best sent over on Discord @ as we will need your log files to send to our team. :slight_smile: