[Feedback] Which Parts of the Game Need Improvement

Hey there Phobies Wranglers! It’s time to share your thoughts and opinion regarding this topic in this thread! We would love to hear from you as this will help us improve the game! Kindly share objective and detailed feedback, and don’t take it as an opportunity to rant hahaha :smile:


Always there are a lot of stuff to improve, this game have a gigantic potencial, the idea is really fresh, cool designs and the asynchronic mode its one of the best mechanics for a mobile game that i have seen. Anyway here are my thoughts about how to make this game bigger and more enjoyable for all of us.

  1. Add a daily log in: Some day could be tears, other day coffee, constantly logs can give rare or ultra rare cards. Players will be motivated to play everyday and be constant with the game

  2. Add more quests: Week quests could be nice and with better rewards including coffee. some of the quests could be routine quest like: (level up phobies X times) ( get X amount of cards) ( buy 1 shopping item)

  3. Add some PVE encounters: the idea is create opponents with diferent lvls of difficulty that reward you for beat them maybe once a week.
    Example: Sinister garden
    A terrorific thematic garden with tramps, venom points etc. The opponent will spawn phobies like Sockassin, Uni corn, Venus, at highest lvls of difficulty phobies like Smother mother and fire ant.
    The rewards could include thematic phobie cards and depend of the level difficulty, at least 10 ranks increasing the number of keys and the level of the opponent phobies. Rank 1 spawn lvl 3 phobies but rank 7 will spawn lvl 21 phobies, the idea its that the all players will have a great challenge, and as the game growth the opponents will growth too.

  4. Game pass: Consider the idea of implement a game pass for this game. i think nobody here wants that the game will became a regular pay to win game (like 90% of the games in the mobile market).
    The game pass could give features like higher tears and XP caps per day, the option to choose between 2 cards in the scratch and win or reroll tokens.

  5. Better packs: The most common complaint to the game its the high effort to get coffee and dont get an appropiate reward, the packs needs to be more worthy in order with the changes of get a new phobie or improve your most used phobies. Some ideas about this:
    Add weekly packs with specific cards and rarities ex ( Etenal knigth, Tempress, Jill ,Morty) with specific drop chances or races packs.
    Specific packs with standard and common phobies.
    Promotional packs every week, maybe with lower cost or better changes to get new stuff.
    Single phobie pack. Some times you want to focus in 1 phobie, for the utility that brings, complement your most used team or your have it in very low lvl. This pack can only be bought x times and always is rotating the phobie.

  6. Long time progress: A big game needs to be a challenge for all players, and for that is necessary add more climb tasks to the players. isnt good in long time if the progress in the game is only determinated for number of phobies and levels, top players will no find a reason to keep climbing and low player will not have fun facing end game players.
    Adding equipment, runes, new phobie characteristics will have all the players busy and finding ways to progress, and keeping the game content fresh.

I hope all of these thoughs help the game to improve and make the game even greater, i think all of us wants that phobies stay for a long time.


My Thoughts about Improvementes:

. Make more Phoebis with Special Abilities without Rare Style

. What about a Level Editor with Contests with Prices for the Winner

. Custom Phoebie Creator: We make Stats and Abilities, you bring them in the Game with more Balance

This Game is Lovely with the Async mode! Im a Father with 4 Children and dont have the Time of beeing always online or 5 - 20 minutes .

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Honestly, the only complaint that I have to add is the matchmaking. I don’t quite enjoy being matched up against people who either have phobies who are 5 lvls above mine, or people whose phobies are 5 lvls below mine. Just plain unfair for me and for other people.


Clearly matchmaking needs to be fixed. I had no problems till 15 stress level. I managed to climb Doomsday League kinda easily but after 15 stress lvl (when you unlock bigger maps) the nightmare started. My match history turned red from losses. The gap is 25+30 stress while im still in the same league. Lets be honest u cant beat this guy, yet someone forced to fight him.

Every league should have max phobies lvl.
For example:

.Heebie Jeebies max lvl 2
.Horrors 4
.Stranger’s 6
.Etc etc

Even if u encounter someone with more stress his phobies level drops to current leagues cap. Yet he keeps the advantage of phobies variety.
As i mentioned before we need better chances in tear packs or more tears per day at least. I’m aware that the game is new and events,cosmetics,quests and lots are coming in future that’s why i don’t wanna quit yet.

I’ve never spend so much time on forums but shit…lads i love this game. Keep going! <3


other than giving everyone access to the units, which i think is vital and necessary since its a game based on utilizing and counter utilizing units. its very hard to play at a functioning level without access to certain units.

here are some other suggestions

1: allow me to concede a match at any time, even from the waiting screen on async battles

2: freeze and debuff render any unit useless and are pretty OP skills
freeze should last 1 turn tops. OR if i cant attack while frozen, i should not be able to be attacked either. or maybe take 1/2 damage while encased in ice
debuff should reduce the targets attack by 1/2. again for 1 turn. 2 plus is just a death sentence.
often debuff removes the targets entire attack. again rendering them useless

3: if you insist on keeping units pay walled, you need to greatly improve odds of obtaining them. think of it this way. its already extremely hard to obtain units. and even if you get them, you still need to level them. its a double whammy.
by the time a free or low paying user even obtains a realistic amount of units, they are probably going to be bored of the game. games do not hold attention like they used to. there are sooo many games out there, people WILL leave and go else where if they do not think they are progressing at a reasonable rate.
i have played many gocha games over the years. and every single time i leave one… its because i feel like i am not obtaining or progressing at a reasonable rate to keep up with the game.

4: getting xp is vastly easily than tears or coffee. i have xp i cant even use just sitting around because most of the units i have i dont even use much. and when you DONT have units. you dont open their cards from jacks. so all these jack i am opening are just giving me repeats.
its almost an disincentive to open them.

5: make the diamond jack more special. give it a chance to obtain a new unit

6: more field effects might be fun. some ideas… fog, ice, warp tiles, catapults, ? mystery tiles… could contain random buffs, debuffs, coffee, etc.

7: other game modes. at some point the novelty of doing the same few maps over and over will get old. thats just the nature of the game. so having other game modes is going to be pretty important. ideally modes that are just fun and not so heavily reliant on unit level or player skill.
maybe add “chess” where you can just play a game of chess with monsters against a frenemy.

8: 2v2 mode, kinda risky since your at the mercy of someone elses skill

9: daily log in rewards or an idle system.

10: add some rpg elements. maybe allow each monster to hold 1 item to help them out.
potions could give elemental effects or other stuff, weapons could help their attacks, armors could help them defensively, would just add another layer of strategy to the game.

11: add a couple of slightly larger maps

12: have a large chaos map where each person starts with all their monsters on the field. (not possible unless everyone has access to all units, which they should imo)
or each person starts with 8 RANDOM units on the field, from all known units, but thats all you get. you cant summon more.

13: have a “raid boss” game. where 2 people use their units together to beat a large neutral enemy. or even a raid boss for solo play. you vs a large monster. or even if not a single large boss… several “humans” trying to kill me. scientists/doctors/army/etc

14: again i cant say it enough… a ton of potential… but really just getting the units to players so people can actually “play” the game is key. no one wants to put together a puzzle with missing pieces.

15: just noticed units at the same key level, can have different stats. which is an issue.
i have a jar thats level 3 and worse in every way then my opponents key level 3 jar.
maybe remove this so units are balanced. if not this is YET ANOTHER reason people need access to every unit. even if you have all units yours might not even be as good as theirs just from the leveling process.

this status bar should show me basically all info, so i dont have to click the card. i should see what type of monster it is, its ability, its weakness. etc.


I loved the idea about the PVE encounters it would be great for you to unlock different maps with a certain level of stress. Because in this way it would prevent people with low level phobies to join, since it would be really difficult for you to fight against an overleved phobie in this mode

  1. Add a Campaign mode. I’d love to know the story behind Phobies.

  2. Make packs affordable and worth. For a free-to-play player, they’re only able to get a dreadful pack twice a year. How the hell’s that fair?

  3. Removing the cap on exp, tears and coffee gives people more of an incentive to play the game.

  4. There’re a lot of useless Phobies, give them skills to make them useful. For instance lets say a Phobie gains the ability to temporarily change the terrain like put out fire tiles? Maybe they can leave behind a sticky trail of slim that cause phobies to stay stuck for 1 turn? Or creates an icy tile that causes Phobies to lose 1 action point cause they’re so cold?

  5. Perhaps add a map maker? A Phobie maker? New game modes?

  6. Give us the ability to add friends and to talk to them.

  7. Add in more ways to earn coffee.

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