Free coffee reward didn't unlock in Klondike

Dear Devs!

I have some issue with one of the free coffee offerwall reward. The game is Klondike, my ref. ID there is 843-KY17.

I completed everything what the offer asked for, but the coffee didn’t arrive (progress to Lv 12). It was strange from the start, because I didn’t see any progress here when I completed the submissions (Lv 6 & 9). I watched every detail carefully, I was a new downloader and I downloaded the game from your offerwall instantly.

As you recommended, I made screenshots:

I didn’t have any problems with another 2 offers, only with this one so far.
I would be glad if I could turn this reward to a sweet pack :wink:

Best wishes,

Hey N7_Wesker!
Thank you for the report. On the Offerwall tab, there should be a support button. I would definitely reach out to their support team and see if they are able to look into this.

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