Reward not received when I played Klondike

I have played Klondike to gain more coffee, and I met all the requirements for the reward but I didn’t receive it. My Klondike ID is 8185-MW16. See also attached screenshots of proof. I’m on level 12 and it was within 21 days.

Thank you.

Hey there! Through the portal you should be able to see if you can claim rewards. If you don’t see any option to claim, we would recommend reaching out to the TapJoy support so they can process your inquiry!

Thank you. Turns out it says none of my tasks are completed yet I have completed all of them. I sent a message to TapJoy. Thank you.

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You’re very welcome! Definitely keep us updated on the status. We’ll keep an eye on this thread for an update. :slight_smile:

Thank you. They came back to me and said I am not eligible because according to their data, I installed it before. I don’t have a great memory but I seriously can’t recall that I have installed it before. It’s not even my type of game. I literally just went for the rewards.