Frozen time in my ASync games

I have several days playing many games to complete my monthly envelope, in 10 days I started a total of more than 50 games that I calculated to reach 168, which is the goal of my league. Most of these games I started with days too many and the last 12 were missing 3 days and 10 hours, that is, they are all supposed to finish or expire before the season ends and thus reach my goal. WELL TODAY I CHECK MY GAMES AND I SEE MANY FROZEN IN TIME, games from days ago with many turns frozen in 2 days and 20h etc… I hope it’s just a visual bug because if it isn’t I’ll lose all that effort I made to get there to the season goal.

I have the Last version of the game.

Games are refreshed for another 3 days after making a turn.

They never say that, where it says it, I think it shouldn’t be like that and it’s not fair, I played too much for to achieve that amount of plays before the time… Bad for the game.

the time got refreshed otherwise people can abuse it by sending their turn at the last minutes before the game expire to get the win

Hey @Aegon I’m sure many understand your frustration, but that feature is implanted to prevent others from abusing the timer and winning every single game. So please take that into consideration for the next few games you might start, it’s the only way to keep things under control. I hope you understand, and have a wonderful day :heart: