For the love of God, please

…drastically reduce the expiry timer on async games.

24 hours, 36 MAX

no, the limit of 3 days is better because a lot of people no have much time, have plans or mishaps, if something happens to you that prevents you from playing one day, you wait until at least you can resume it the next day, apart nobody answers like clockwork based on a schedule, you can not always consult an application in a timely manner.
This mode is not to go around answering every time your turn comes, but it would be sand and that already exists; Besides, people don’t like Arena despite being faster and more concise.
Even the game becomes stressful and there are times when one does not want to know anything about it, waiting a day or two has nothing wrong when it comes to taking care of one’s mental state, but 3 days letting someone wait is already exaggerated, that’s why the game expires the waiting games at 72 hours.


I’m also gonna have to disagree with you on this. I usually only get one time a day I can sit down and catch up on matches waiting for a move. People have lives and other things to do. You can’t always get to it everyday. The whole point is for you to do it at your leisure and that’s what I like most about this game.

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if you can’t get to it everyday, games expiring and rank is likely not also a concern, so i don’t see your point. start another game if it isn’t important, or play live games and leave async alone.

72 hours is a ridiculous timeline, longer than any other turn-based mobile pvp game i’ve played.

edit: i just realized you said “I usually only get one time a day” so therefore 24hours would be an appropriate timer lol

No one said anything about games expiring. My games do not expire, but I don’t always get to them within 24 hrs. It’s just a nice convenience. Most people have things going on in their lives. They don’t have usually have time to submit moves shortly after they have received one.

No one said anything about games expiring.

this entire topic is about games expiring… if you can’t get to a game in 24 than you cant get to a game, but if you’re not opening the app and playing once a day, then at the same time you probably don’t care all that much that a game will expire.

Moreover if you’re a paying player, you are more than likely logging in daily, because you a now financially invested. It’s the same strategy all microtransaction business models use.

I get that shit happens or players get frustrated, put the phone down and stop playing for a few days, but if life happens, are you really going to sit there and think “shit man, it sucks being in a car crash, but what sucks even more is my phobies games expiring.” No, you’re not, lol.

72 hours is too long. It needs to be reviewed. If 24 is too short, fine, try 36, try 48, but 72 is too long lol.

I have 20+ matches going in async, i play when I have clear, fresh mind or I’m feeling good to play…

I have business to do, still i like to play and invest my energy in this game… I cleary need that much time to play onn

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Yeah, I don’t think this is a good idea either, 72hrs is a good filter

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