Game crash

Hi since 9 hrs ago when ever i ended my current turn the game crashes i logged in with my other phone but still facing the same problem what should i do

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Following! Same to me. User: AssMazz

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Hello, Sorry for the late response.

Can you guys please join in our discord server an
d open a support ticket so we can take a look on this.

@AssMazz @BaNnana-TJ

I have deleted the game and redownloaded it and the turn that i was on slwas removed or played don’t know but for now it seems to be working without crashing 3 games so far no crash

Just played another round and the same problem happened yet again I redownloaded the game but it still shows the current game that i was one and yet again it crashes when i press end turn

Hey Ban,

I believe you created a ticket over on our discord. Just wanted to confirm if you’re all good to go now. :slight_smile: