Can not continue games iOS

Hi there,

I am playing on iOS, and have been receiving alerts throughout the day that multiple opponents have made a move - prompting me to open my app to return to the game.

However, when I return to the app - I am told that I have 0 available turns, and am unable to proceed with the matches.

Please let me know if any additional details may assist with your debugging process!


Hey Jupiter! I have already shared your concern to our team and they’re looking into it right now. :slight_smile: Thanks for reporting this and letting us know.

~ CM NekoRei

Hi Jupiter,

Thanks for this post, we appreciate the bugs, and feedback.

We have released a new version on all platforms and the iOS one was held up. Our simulation needs people on the same version when they review the turns and continue to play so until you update you won’t see those turns as available. The turns are there, you just need to be updated. Unfortunately the notification system for turns doesn’t recognize versions so we’ll work on that part. The iOS builds was release today at noon so hopefully it’s already updated for you.

Also, most importantly we normally release all platforms at the same time, this did not occur this time, and we are sorry for that. Hopefully you are back to playing now that this build is updated on the iOS store.