Game crashes on steam deck

Bug description: As soon as you click on the account icon in the main menu, the game crashes.

Bug reproduction:
1Step.Open Game
2Step.Click on the account icon

Environment: Steam deck, steam os v 3.5, game version 1.7.1276.

Attachments: I have a video, but the forum does not allow me to add videos to attachments.

Hey there!

So unfortunately, with it being a Steam Deck, not all games may be fully supported. ( This is due to it being on a completely different Operating System / OS. )

Our fully supported OS at this time are Android, iOS, and Windows.
Steam Decks operate using their own called SteamOS.

This might be a result of why you may be crashing.
More information can be found here:

It goes over some fixes and suggestions that may be of help. :slight_smile:

[ NOTE ] - This is something that I can bring to the team and collect a more concrete answer for you on, though.

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