Get a chance to win 500 coffee every week

Hello Phobies Wranglers! I’m MissCha, one of the content creator affiliates of Phobies. And I host an event every week called “Phobies Hunting Event”, where you can have a chance to win 500 coffee.

How to Win 500 Coffee?


  1. Every week, MissCha will upload four videos with one hidden emoji/picture in each video.
    Note: Titles with :mag_right: is a hunting video.

  2. Watch the video carefully and look for the hidden emoji/picture.

  3. Collect all four and guess what Phobie is being described.

  4. Submit your answer through a form.

  5. Participants who guessed the correct answer will be entered into a raffle.

  6. The raffle will be live streamed at the end of the week, and the last man standing will win the 500 coffee.

  7. MissCha will compile all weekly winners of the month and submit it to the Phobies staff, so expect to get your prizes around the end of the month.

Disclaimer: MissCha is a content creator affiliate of Phobies, and this event is sponsored by the game. MissCha will never ask for your recovery code or any sensitive information for you to claim your coffee.

My channel is: