[Event] Once Upon A Phobie

Have you ever wondered what the backstory of each of the Phobie is? Let your imagination run wild as you create a backstory of your favorite Phobie!!


  1. Pick a Phobie you want to write a backstory about
  2. Post your Phobie backstory fanfiction in this Reddit thread: https://reddit.com/r/PhobiesGame/comments/zf8207/event_once_upon_a_phobie/
  3. Include your In-Game Name
  4. Maximum 3 entries can be submitted per IGN and Reddit account.

10,000 Coffee - Grand Prize
5,000 Coffee - 2 Consolation Prizes

Last Date for Submission: December 20, 2022, at 5:00 PM PDT
Announcement of Winners: December 23, 2022


At long last, after our judge team read through more than 70+ amazing and captivating stories for the “Once-Upon-A-Phobie” contest, we were finally able to choose the winners! So, without further ado, CONGRATULATIONS to the following:

Grand Prize Winner

Consolation Prize Winners

Prizes will be sent within 1-3 working/business days!

PS: We sincerely apologize for the delay in the announcement of winners as we did not anticipate the amount of entries submitted for this contest. It took a while to read them all! And it was really tough for us to choose as there were a lot of good ones.