Grave Digger is always growling

This is just a small detail I noticed, not exactly the end of the world but I wanted to make a note of it. Grave Digger growls (makes his intro sound) more then all the other Phobies. Normaly this sound is only played when you click on the Phobie but for grave digger he also does it when:

  1. You (or your opponent in arena) clicks undo. Sometimes it’s the entire sound and other times it’s just the intro 0.1 seconds of the sound.
  2. Unlike the other Phobies that make their into sound once or maybe twice he growls three times when he comes out of the Vault.
  3. rarely when you click on another Phobie his sound and the phobie sound will play.

Like I said, not the end of the world but when playing an arena game with two Grave Diggers active it was a tad bit distracting.

Did anyone else notice this?

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Hey, thanks for noticing this and for reporting this concern. I will share this to our design team to check it out and see what they think. :slight_smile: