Problems with Mount Crushmoore

He is a dimensional Phobies but the last couple games I’ve played, he dies and my opponents Phobies don’t get pulled forward. He is getting pulled into pits which should protect all Phobies cause it’s essentially suicide to do that to a dimensional. Please fix as soon as possible

Hey there!

Do you have any clips of this if possible?

I am only referring to Mount Crushmore. I’m sure if I looked at some of my current games I could find it but I’ve never recorded (don’t know how to record) my game play in the game.

No worries! Pardon me, just wanted to confirm.

Hmm, If you could find the game, that would be great! You can find some free-to-use tools to record as well. ( I use OBS for my recordings. ) A recording would definitely be helpful. That way I can have the design team take a peek to see if this is intentional.

May I have the following information as well?

Your IGN:
Your Device/OS/Version:

chasenacc is my IGN and I am currently using an IPhone 13. Here is the attached photos cause I couldn’t get a video recorder file that would upload. It actually seems like there is a glitch either on a mechanical side or the player was able to figure out a way to make it so his phobie wouldn’t move.

showing a guy knocking my mountcrushmoore into a pit but his phobie doesn’t move. I’d have to dig deeper for another example where it would also be a suicide on his part but it still applies.

Dimensionals that get knocked into a pit and die from the fall don’t trigger their on-death effect since it’s the pit killing them and not the knocking phobie. (I’m assuming that’s what happened? Kind of hard to tell from the pictures :sweat_smile: )
It will only pull the knocking phobie with it if the knock-attack kills the dimensional phobie. :slight_smile:

That’s definitely not how it used to be. There’s a level, don’t remember the name, but there’s a put right infront of a damage increase tile. And people would use dimensional Phobies there all the time cause it would be suicide to kill it cause either way, one of you is getting pulled into the pit. And I’ve definitely killed people with the spider by pulling them into the pit and my spider always gets pulled into the pit with them.