Hey, why don't you make it so you can buy Event Vip for 2000 or 2500 coffees

Hey, why don’t you make it so you can buy Event Vip for 2000 or 2500 coffees. I can’t buy currency for Event Vip through Steam. Or make an exchange where you can exchange coffee for currency 100 to 1. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Actually a good idea but I’m sure they just made the VIP to earn some extra money and they won’t make it completely free, even if the most players would love this change.

Personally, I think the VIP is very worth it for it’s price. If we will make it obtainable through coffee, then where are the phobies employee gonna get paid? how can they keep up the game? the server? While it’s nice to use coffee to buy other stuff than packs, it’s nicer that the people behind the game we love is compensated properly

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The cost of the Event Vip is now $6.
That’s about 450 coffees

If you make Event Vip for 2000 coffees, it will be about 25 dollars. most players will still buy for money so it will be more profitable for them.

I would like to see two options to buy Event Vip for currency and for coffee

As you can imagine, Event Vip for coffee will cost much.

as well as regular players who can’t buy the Vip event with money will be able to do so with in-game coffee currency, and they will have an interest to keep playing.
Perhaps some players will even come back to the game after hearing about this.

Yeah I think it’s a good idea but phobie s will probably not give a free Variant.
(But I still have hope)

Oh for VIP events give another 900 coffee did not pay attention, so the price of VIP event should be 2000 or 2500 for in-game coffee currency.