Coffee Grinding

It takes 400 wins to gain 2000 coffee. You can shave some of that off by starting 4 games a day per day but shit that’s a brutal grind. I’m not willing or should I say, I can’t afford to spend $24.99 for 1 pack, $49.99 for 2 nor $99.99 for 5 packs, that’s just unreal especially with the way the world is now. Gas prices are up, food prices are up, hell everything’s up due to inflation. I like this game I really do. But if those who can afford to blow their money on items they’ll never physically touch, surpass me to the point where the game’s no longer fun to play, I’ll end up quiting later on down the road like I do with most other games, and that’s not something I wanna do with this one. I wanna keep this game around like I’ve kept Brawl Stars around. Now I said all that to say this, could y’all make the coffee packs more affordable or provide more ways to gain coffee or increase the coffee gain per win? If not please let me know. I really don’t wanna spend too much of my time on a game that ain’t favorable to free-to-play players.


its amazing how the world keeps getting more and more expensive. yet the younger gens still somehow find a way to spend on mobile games

mobiles are such a waste of money and the younger gens are apparently over worked and under paid… but still have time and money to grind mobiles.


Makes absolutly no sense to me. I miss the days where you could just enjoy a game without having to spend anything on it except the cost of it.


This is the toxic mobile game transaction economy. It says a lot about a publisher which model they go for.

I really like this game in terms of gameplay and design, but it’s obviously going for a pay-to-win gatcha milk-your-players model. Shame.

I’m giving it a couple of weeks and checking a few metrics before deciding. I’d have loved to be able to pay a good release price and then just play a honest game.

Also, they have pointedly not been answering some of the questions here, even though this is a young game with not much forum volume and they are present and have seen them. It’s not a great sign.


I peeped that. There’s only two people who’ve responded to this post, and some others who’ve givin’ a thumbs up but not a single dev. I posted in another area wondering if this game’s already dyin’. I figure people aren’t playing cause they’ve reached their cap and think, “What’s the point of playing anymore?” So they’re done for the day. Or, (and what I’m starting to see more of) is that people are quitting because they see the game as pay-to-win. Even you are deciding whether or not to stay or quit. If it keeps on like this I’m gonna quit this game too.

Edit: I did the math. If I start off with 0 coffee, at my current rank Primals 2. Then I gain 98 coffee a week if I complete 42 games, plus 10 a day for starting 4 games. By the end of the month I’d’ve earned 422 coffee. If I keep going like this I can get 1 Terrifying Pack once a month. 1 Horrific pack once every 3 months and 1 Dreadful pack once every 5 months. Not sure if things are different if you’re in a higher league? It’s April, if I had to start out from 0 coffee I wouldn’t see a Dreadful pack until September.

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Hey all, we hear ya! And thanks @Klepto for sharing your insight about this. I will be sharing this feedback and suggestion (via my feedback report) to our devs for consideration.


i agree that the coffee grind could be a so much better system, but the calculation is wrong, supose that you farm the 5 wins per day to get the tears cap, its already 25 coffee plus daily quest 10 means 35 per day, per week will be 35x7=245 and week reward 100+: 345 coffee per week

the problem for me its the packs drop; rarely drops a new card and if you have bad luck in the first Rare and Ultrarare card you will gonna have really bad time, because if you got a bad phobie the same phobie will be spawning forever in your packs negating the possibility of progress.

if you are saving coffee for a month to get the dreadful pack it needs to be worth it

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Hey all! I want to understand everyone’s suggestions here completely. While I completely understand that the main feedback here is that “Coffee grinding is so taxing” (correct me if I am wrong) but in addition to that, y’all think that:

  • it takes a long time or a lot of play time to get enough coffee to buy a pack
  • the packs drop needs rebalancing as the current drops is not giving players the possibility to progress

Am I correct?

But can you also give a more detailed suggestion or fix we should look into to combat the “coffee grinding boredom”?


i have some suggestions for improve the coffee grinding:

  1. Add a daily log in: some day could be tears, other day coffee, constantly logs can give rare or ultra rare cards.

  2. Add more quests: week quests could be nice and with better rewards including coffee.

  3. Make packs worthy: first packs needs to be consistent, help mayority the cards that you use
    and offer chances of new stuff.
    Maybe add an option to choose between 2 cards.
    Weekly packs with specific cards and rarities ex ( Etenal knigth, Tempress, Jill ,Morty) with speficic drop chances or races packs.


Thanks @Orfe I love the suggestions. I will make sure to include this in my report and I shall discuss this with our team. I would like to hear from the others too. :slight_smile: @Klepto @Julio @HuntingTreasure


Okay. Here’s my rant.

First I forgot to add the win rates for coffee so yeah my math was a bit off there Orfe. But you can’t change the fact that you can only gain 2 dreadful packs a year as a free-to-play player.

Second @NekoRei. Everything’s too over priced! Already I’m seeing a decline in gaming, I don’t often get into Arena matches cause it can’t find a player and lots of my Aysnc games (not all) ended in matches timing out. I honestly believe it’s because everything’s too damn over priced. I’ve faced a few enemies who had Multipule ultrarare cards making the game exactly one sided; while I pulled out the same ol phobies cause I can’t get anything new that’s even worth. It’s discouraging an I almost quit the game completely because of it. The prices of packs need to come way down cause it’s showing that this game isn’t favorable to free-to-play players. There were times when I thought to buy some coffee for 1 dreadful pack, just to have some type of a chance at winning if I ever got into an arena match, but I was like, “Na I got bills an shit.” $24.99 for 1 dreadful pack just ain’t worth it.

Whenever I play a new game I always compare it to Brawlstars. That game isn’t about makin’ money yet they make tons of it cause everything’s reasonably priced. Yet at the same time you don’t even need to spend anything on it cause you can literally unlock everything as a free-to-play player. That game is about having fun, which is why I’ve had it for many years now. But with Phobies, at this point I don’t honestly see myself keeping it around cause it’s an obviously one sided game. I’ve noticed the same things being said at the Google Play store too.

I’ll wait and see what becomes of the enocnomy before I make up my mind to put this game outta my life forever though.



You Can add :

-some events to drop more coffee
-more quest
-be more generous with people send money on the game like vip or other thing
-add an other method to drop New card

If You Can Do this, the game could be better.


Hi to everyone!
Im an latin player of this game, from Argentina.
We, the people playing in latinamerica don’t have any, and I reply, ANY money to spend, nor in this game, or anything else.
This a really, really fun game to play, and I really appreciete it. I, and most of my people, enjoy every kind of f2p game, because we can play it in our poor economy, for free. Anyways, as I am seeing in this post, even the people from USA (or other 1st world countryes) ar mad for the prices in-game.
Let me explain to the developers: you made a free game, free to download ANYWHERE in the world, for anyone who has a cellphone-computer. And it is a REALLY, REALLY GOOD GAME. Believe me, I haven’t enjoyed a chess-like strategy game in years. I really love it.
But what is my hope to play as a f2p player if even the people from the 1st world complains about the prices in game? That makes me sad. Just sad.
I’ll love to see this game develop onto a REALLY F2P game, where anyone, that you must include all the population around the world that you ofered the game for free, can enjoy it. Enjoy it and must be able to play it in higher ranks/ranked matches.
I love your game. Please consider that this is worldwide.
You will earn money, believe me. And you will earn tons more of it if you all make it more f2p and affordable for anyone in the world. I repeat, Im from Argentina, 1 of your dollars means an entire meal for me.
Thank you for reading, I hope you keep this game clean and f2p for all of us in the third world. (excuse my english, Im trying my best).


I was thinking about a function where members could support the developers by watching advertisements. BY advertisements I don’t mean annoying forced ads that make players quit, I mean a section that is purely for supporting the developers, and one does not get any reward whatsoever. Of course, they could add a thing that would provide rewards to the players who watched the most videos, or a “ad watching checkpoint” which every player can contribute to, claim rewards if they watched ads…

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Make some deals. You actually have an unused ‘offers’ section at the shop. I want to support de devs by paying something like a “starter pack” or a weekly or monthly deal, cause I see too overprized to pay 27€ for a top tier pack.

I concur with what [Orfe] said. Its not easy accumulating 2000 coffee packs. But please make them worth it. I’ve seen countless videos on youtube where the player opens a ‘common’ from their hard earned 2000 coffee pack. Its a such a painful watch - especially if you were in their shoes.

To be fair, developers need to make income. We can’t ask everything to be free. People who pay, SHOULD deserve to have stronger and more units at their disposal.


We are still waiting for some coffee changes, how is going on?

The game stills the same, its a nice strategy game, cool units(phobies), asynchronous battles (one of the best ideas). but we have to admit the game is P2W.

When the oponent have 3 or more levels above phobies its really hard to win unless he make very stupid plays, days ago i saw one of the high stress players in the game streaming and was very boring (even for them) because a lot players quite when face phobies 10 lvl ahead killing your phobies with ease and 0 strategy.

The game needs to focus in increase the playerbase and offer fun to all the kind of players.
that means be more friendly with F2P players (rewards, daily logs, events, quests).
Im sure that the game will call a lot of new players if it have more of these things, not its another P2W strategy game like 100.000 more in the market.

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Totally agree! To me, game’s model is somewhere between p2w and not… ultimately I will be at a disadvantage with lower level cards, so the game is forcing you to either play more (which is a fallacy because the grind is infinite and there is always a bigger fish), or buy more to upgrade your cards - which is the option they are counting on.

It is immensely frustrating to be outplaying your opponent just to see that your perfect play will allow their phobie to survive with 5HP because that opponent’s card is upgraded more. That is not satisfying at all. At the higher levels, this is gamebreaking as 1 turn like that is a tipping point for the match.

Clearest case is when i play an opponent that has a jar cannon that can tank a murder wing special attack… okay i guess ill just surrender right off the bat.

In my eyes- this game is nearly perfect in design and execution. Sadly I’m beginning to wonder if this is a well designed scam.

I’m currently grinding to pull a dreadful pack. It will likely be my only opportunity to do so, given how the game is structured. So my future in this game depends on what happens with that pack pull… Not great design

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Update: i’ll probably be quitting this game very soon. It is too often that an optimal play by me will leave a target unit with ~10hp just because they have higher upgraded cards. It is lame and unrewarding to have to work so much harder to win against opponents who have higher upgraded cards. its not an even playing field and this is purely by design. what a shame.

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