Hi everyone! : D

The phobies figures of today are: KABOOM! and Tickles… (The KABOOM figure was
request from IDKnames231)

And since this moment I’ll make a phobie that you ask me and a surprise phobie!

Day 3 : Cassowary (request from KittyDragon) & an surprise PHOBIE!!!

Have a nice day! :wink:

PD: if you want to see your favorite phobie as a porcelain figure… Write in the comments or in my private chat! :smiley:


YEEEEEAAAA, boomboom boy

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Really cool Mate…

Salute :+1: :+1: :+1:


Yooo this is really nice

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Thanks Buddy!.. and greetings to you too :grin:

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I really wanted Smiley or Alley Gator (my two favs), but they’re super difficult.
Hiw about Uni Corn? :grin:
Doesn’t have to be perfect

Also I love what you’ve done so far :heart:

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Hey that’s sounds interesting… I’ll make Uni Corn or Smiley…

PD: Alley Gator is one of my favorites too!.. : D

Thank you :blush:

A fellow Alley Gator connoisseur? :thinking:
Welcome aboard

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You’re welcome!..

And yes… Alley Gator is so cool… In fact, he was my first 7 keys Phobie :smile:

Just saw one of your other figure posts! These are absolutely fantastic and precious!


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Omg looks so cute!! I really like it

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Im going to be waiting for Smiley

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