What phobies does everyone seem to have but you don't?

Ill start:

I seriously opened a lot of tear and some coffe beans pack but i can’t him.

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K-9000. Contortio. Batula.
I’m not a new player :face_exhaling:


Same for me, level 34 but still no cassowary


smiley, still don’t have it yet :frowning:

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Literally any electrical phobie except zappy EVERY GOD DAMN GAME, LEAVE MY MISANTHROPE IN PEACE!


Probably Henrietta or Stabby. I’m fine with the first one but honestly more dimensional Phobies would be nice.

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Cowbell, Henrietta, misanthrope… I just got heavo a few weeks ago and im lvl 64. I actually didn’t get stabby for a very long time until the 40s lvls. Some just don’t show up and I’m actually ok with it. I almost said sock assassin, but I actually don’t see it much. Don’t know if not many people have it or just don’t use it.

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It’s embarrassing how and don’t have Cowbell

Still no Cassowary or cowbell😞

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Mount crushmore lol idk if everyone has him but in a lot of games people bring him out

snowball is always a phobie many people have and it’s always a hit and run miles away type phobies

I got him recently at stress lvl 79 :slight_smile:

Stabby , at lvl 79 right now. But overall I am very happy with what phobies I have , can not complain :slight_smile:

Well everyone gets him as a stress lvl reward, so no problem :wink:

at level 40 stress level no wonder people have phobies third times the level of each of mine

Eheheheheheheheheh, just a KLEPTO, the most useful phobie, nothing much

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Cowbell is my most recent phobie, youre NOT alone :sob:

casso & clepto, im stress 41 anyway

Cowbell, Suckee, Bloat, BoMangles, Henrietta