Hi Phobies team

My Name is Jonathan i started to play phobies with my 7 years old Elías. Everyday he was so excited to play phobies and PVP me, he has join all the previous events with the vip pass. We participated in the create your own map event, we spent the night printing and drawing, painting it… Neither of us won and i tried to explain it and he accepted it… How ever he has been sad since then, he don’t want me to buy him coffees or play anymore it seems to be disappointed because he realy did his Best at that contest You know… I’m not asking You to give him a freebie or a gift, but could it be possible to send him a Congratulation or something like consolation message? I can pay for it whatever You ask… Just please help me to revive this time with My son it’s very important to me. His Playera Name is WingedLeon


Wow thank You so much i bet he Will love it!!