Phobies Ultimate Guide For Starters

Hi guys. I just created a guide on people who are new to the game, and I wanted to know people’s thoughts on the information discussed. I’m open to criticism on the video and what I should improve on to make my videos better. Id also like to know what kind of videos do yall wish were made on Phobies content? Right now I have a free-to-play series on my channel. I’m planning on making challenge videos where I only use certain Phobies and Phobie spotlights where I go over a Phobie’s strengths, weaknesses, and my opinion on that Phobie. But yeah I hope you guys show your support and welcome me into the community as a content creator. Feel free to leave any thoughts and support the channel. Right now I don’t have many videos but I do plan on being able to upload daily and if not then hopefully every other day. Thank you guys again.

Since it won’t let me posts links the channel name is JoniPhobie and the video name is ULTIMATE PHOBIES STARTER GUIDE. Let me know what you guys think.