How to get subscription boost?

As titled.
May I know where to find subscription button to get the boost feature?

Go to the store and click on the different categories it has. there you can find it.

Im in the same boat. Can’t find an option to get a subscription. Maybe im not far enough yet to have it offered? Only my second day playing.

Hope this is help

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So, I can see those 3 options but those are just regular boosts. See how above them there are 4 banners. Two for exp boost and daily double boost. And above those are a second set thst says subscription exp boost and subscription daily double. Im trying to activate those subscription services if possible.

Not sure if these are released yet. An answer from the dev would be great. I deff want to support this game. Best mobile game ive seen in years.

Hi Stormguts.

Good eye! Subscription is a coming feature. It’s not in yet but we designed the screen to handle it when it does. It will be coming in a future release. We will reveal more information on that when it gets closer to release.