Game Help: Boost & Daily Double

Boosts & Daily Double


  • Boosts allow you to earn XP faster from playing games, and also raise the daily cap of XP accordingly.
  • Boosts can be purchased in the store or acquired through events.

Daily Double

  • Daily Double doubles the Jacks you can open in a day before it resets.
  • It also doubles the capacities of XP and Tears that can be earned through playing games.


  • Subscription provides these rewards: Daily Double everyday, XP Boost everyday, 10 Free Coffee for the first login of the day, and a VIP Portrait background
  • If you purchase an XP Boost while you have a subscription they will combine to give 100% XP Boost
  • If you purchase a Daily Double while you have a subscription they will combine to give you a Daily Triple!
    • A Daily Triple will allow for 3 times the amount of Jacks to be opened and increase your cap limit to 3 times the original!
  • The subscription will return to its normal state once the XP Boost or Daily Double duration has ended

The duration of Boosts and Doubles stack with the additional purchase of a XP Boost, Daily Double or Subscription.

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