I did not recieve my weekly reward

I did not recieve my weekly reward… Please can you fix this

1 the task was not updated,

@Blue @DRAGAN Hey guys! for both problems I want you to please contact the support.
A really easy way to do it is via our Discord server, go there and open a support ticket.

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The weekly reward after Sunday… I did not recieve…

Rev. Angeline De Villiers

Hi again @Blue, do what i told you. The support will investigate why you didn’t get the reward.

I am trying to… But do not know how this site works yet… Thought if I reported it here that it is the place to do so

Do you recall when you started progressing towards the weekly? Also, what is your in-game name?

My in-game name is Blue258 and I was on 2400 points…

Angeline De Villiers