I found a way for playing this game:

If you sit down and count, you just need to play this game 7 times a day(I mean you need to win or lose 7 games in any of the modes(Arena and Async)-> The both of played matches in both modes is counting at the end of the season. Because if you start like that on the start of the season you can easy earn a most valuable pack(168 wins) and you can also gain the biggest cup of coffie beans(98 coffie beans). You can also play more but try not to play less. That is my strategy for now, so I want to share It with you guys.
I dont have much time for playing this or anything else. So, I think like this:
25•7=175 (Just a seven more matches).
7•7=49 (Also a seven more matches).
That means you can pause one day of playing and made up a rest.