New game mode

I am kinda new in the game,so idk if there are some event special game Modes,but I was wondering about new mode,something like arena in Hearthstone… You will pick 1 of 3 cards (these are chosen by random)other 2 will vanish,and repeat until you get some ammount of phobies (let’s say 8) you will start your “run”… For every win, you get higher tier,and after 3 loses,it ends… Depends on your tier at the end,you will get rewards. Ofc,it will be pay to play (i would say like 100 coffee bean)
Hope you like this idea,even tho it is not original

Hey Authiros! We appreciate and welcome all suggestions and ideas that our community can come up with!
While I cannot guarantee or hold much say in regards to what is developed, I’m always happy to forward any suggestions to our team. :slight_smile: