I have not been given the VIP rewards at the end of the event

I bought a VIP ticket to the Outriders event. It’s the second time I’ve bought one and the first time it didn’t give me any problems, but when the event expired the rewards weren’t mine. I tried closing and reopening the game but nothing. Kindly support, my in game name is “Skull104”.
Help me pls

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Hey there! Do you have any screenshots of the event at all that you could share, if possible?

Of course, i also have those of google play payment. I attach them below

Any payment/receipts, we can send to community@smokingguninc.com
Just put the same info as you did here, within that email. I’ll be back in office.

Either that or open a ticket on discord.gg/phobiesgame under #request-support
Link this forum post within that ticket.