I not receive the right reward d'or the last event

I paid to have the VIP pass in the mechanical évent. I Reach the max level il the reward shard. I juste receive the level 3 reward.
I paid for the évent. I pass a lot of Time to Reach the max goal. I want my level 8 reward!
Please give me my Price!

A mi tambien me toco la de nivel 3 y creo que esta bien por que esa tenia el 15% de salir la de nivel 1 solo tenia el 5% ,era suerte si te tocaba

I also had the same problem, I paid for the event and did not receive the rewards. It’s really frustrating if there’s no support to fix this.

The grand prize / top prize is not guaranteed. When you are collecting tickets you are creating more opportunities to earn better rewards. It is not guaranteed and this is working as intended.

If you have NOT received absolutely anything, please open up a ticket under #request-support at discord.gg/phobiesgame

Oh , I understand… But this was very poorly explained and publicized. As a user, I felt aggrieved and mocked (And I wasn’t the only one) when I noticed that the information was there…
But the way it was disclosed it seemed to be By performance and not by “luck”. I hope that in the next “paid” events they will have a little more information structure to be very clear and not spoil the experience of such a cool game.

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