I really Appreciate this game

I really enjoy this game I hope it will grow and grow because this game gives me chill and relax, small amount of time to turn give me an experience to any situation. I hope the developers taking care of themselves and taking care of this game, I dont want this game to die becayse this game is history and have a Unique gameplay. Long live Phobies Community :raised_hands:t4:


Agreed, had a blast with this game so far. Been playing versus with a friend and we were thinking it would be fun with more gamemodes like 2v2 or 3v3 even?


I guess we have to be friends share some ideas and strategy

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Its been super fun to play a grid-based tactical combat game with monster collecting, always been something I have really wanted to play online!
The aesthetic of the Phobies is super cute too; they’re like the Ugly Dolls I loved growing up!!!