Invite problem

Hello everyone,
I did look in the forums but i didn’t find my problem so i am creating a ticket and hopefully i get some help as i don’t understand what’s going on in my game.
I do not know if my request belongs to technical support or bug fixed so i am putting it here, please do not be mad haha.
In the frenemies section, when i try to invite someone, although i spell correctly the names, something strange happens.
I type the name but when i hit done/search on my keyboard display, nothing happens.
I only have 2 frenemies including a family member. I was able to invite many players before, i was playing with them. I was able to unfriend and i have been unfriended as well.
But since a week and a half, i cannot add anyone anymore, the search bar has the name but nothing happens when i press search… I am wondering if maybe i have been blocked from sending invite since at one point i did send quite a few to some well ranked players to try and elevate my gameplay. Sometimes i did send it twice, i hope that wasn’t considered “harassment”.
If you could help me out. Either by telling me my status when it comes to frenemies add or by troubleshooting me it would be super helpful.
Thanks in advance,

Hey there!

Do you recall how many users are on your Frenemies list?
Are you able to take a clip or video and share it with us?

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Sorry for the deleted post, my video was not uploading correctly.
First, thanx for reaching out, I appreciate it. I only have two users in my frenemies list but I did send a bunch of invites in the past so maybe I got blocked of doing it again… (1)
Here is the clip of me trying to add another one.

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This happens for every user? The users may have their lists full too, depending on who you add.

Could you try typing in chu and see if that one comes up?
( That’s my alternate account )

It is like that for every user including you haha. Thanx for looking into it! I appreciate it!
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