Is there a way to change your username in game

I want to change my username to match my forums account name just incase i play against someone on the forums

Nope. From what i understand at the moment theres no way to change your name in game

Nope. You can’t. There are two options:
A) Don’t mind your name. Just keep playing.
B) Create a new account with the name you want.

Okay, thanks for the help tho

Is there any way to change my forums name so it matches

Nope :confused: But you can always create a new forum account with another e-mail.

Im probably going to make a new account and ill reply to this with it once its made

well you can join discord with the name you want , almost every player is there .

This is my new account

Just confirming what some have already mentioned in this thread. There’s no way to change username in the game as of now. Anyway, closing this thread now.