Making a BOOM for every key class cuz i can, part: 5 key-E-STRUCTOR

Info: its alive!
(Back) … to make you dead!
Race: mech
Rarity: ultra rare
Keys: 5
Hp: 550
Movement: 2, walking
Ability: its gonna blow!
Sacrifices self to deal damage and/or electrical damage around itself
Range: 1 AOE
Dmg: 1700
Electrical dmg: 700
Ability unlock: 1 turn
Passive ability: immune to electrical dmg, makes sense, right:D

Give it 3 movement trust me.

Ehhhhh idk, if it werent for paddles and the new le shovell and phantome, i would probably give it 3 movement, but now i feel skeptical

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Can you buff the electric damage a little.

Dude it can already one shot almost every mech in the game, im sticking to what i got

Sorry didn’t mean to be annoying.

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No no, you werent annoying, you did help me think abt the future booms

Incredible wow i love it

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