Im bored, so im making a BOOM for every key class cuz I LOVE BOOM BOOM BOY, part: 4 key-ESPLÕDO

So, in case my profile didnt give it away, i like KABOOM EXPLOSIOMS, and i havent art-ed in a while, so why not make a BOOM for every key class

Info: its said hes carrying the spanish flu in those tubes
(Back) maybe thats why his name sounds spanish
Keys: 4
Rarity: rare
Race: mech (obviously)
Hp: 400
Movement: 2, walking
Ability: ACHOO!
Sacrifices self in order to deal damage around itself, with the second radius dealing 50% less damage, and give poison over 3 turns
Range: 2, AOE
Damage: 1200, 50%
Poison damage: 800, over 3 turns
ability unlock: 1 turn


Love the idea of this series. I cant wait to see what you do with an 8 cost Boom.


Oh just wait for the 9 key BOOM, i have the perfect idea for him…


I have to see it, i think this can be a full destruction phobie, really a good idea