Map Options and Preferences


Ahem, so I have a suggestion for the game, but let me preface this first.

I’m a newer player, having played for a few weeks. I’m level 19, with 28 phobies. Having passed level 15, I’ve unlocked large maps, and I honesty don’t like them. This is for two reasons: I don’t have many high-key phobies, and I end up facing off against players who severely out-level me on the large maps. Their phobies have many levels on mine, and they have greater variety.

Now my suggestion is this. There should be an option to choose what size maps a player prefers. In the large majority of games starts, that player would end up on the map size of their preference. Another option would to be able to opt out of a map size entirely, but that could split the player-base.

What do you all think?