Big maps vs small maps

I’ve been noticing that big maps and small maps both differ in not only size,since the big map allows to use more expenssive phobies you will have a clear disadvantage in the games if you don’t own rare,high cost phobies,and as we know it’s not easy to get those
This just makes small maps unplayable if you don’t got the needed phobies and gives even more advantage to P2W players,wich is completely normal and expectable,but in this particular case it just makes small maps unplayable for F2W players who have not gotten the luck of pulling good high cost phobies
I think an easy solution to this problem would be to let the player decide on wich type of map they want to play in,i think this could also help the unfair matchmaking I’ve been seeing players complaining about so much in the forum

Yeah, I also want that. I’m tired of small maps. I have high cost OP phobies, but usually there are not enough keys in small maps. I kill my opponent’s phobies, and he kills mine. I always have to send backup. But in large maps, because it gives 5 keys per round, my backup’s stronger. Also I have enough keys for everything.