Match replay error

I have not been able to watch any replay, whether from finished games or ongoing async games.

It’ll always say “match replay error” “failed to download match replay” pls help.

Hey there!

Does this happen for your more recent replays? All replays?
If they were replays from before the most recent update, they likely will not work. However, if your new game replays aren’t working, please let us know!

Sorry that you’ve had some trouble.

This happens for all replays, even the most current one, including the ongoing games I’m currently playing.

Also I just saw an announcement for an event, but on the event tab, it says “events are not currently active”

And I don’t seem to be able to view the most recently released phobies in the album even after encountering them in game.

With all these issues I wonder my game version is not up to date. But I checked app store and it seem like I’m already on the newest update.

Which version of Phobies are you currently on? Also, which device are you playing Phobies on.
That definitely sounds odd. Hmm.

Have you tried clearing your cache / app cache and tried uninstalling/reinstalling to see if that helps?
Also could see if your store and device need updates, too.

Before clearing your cache:
Make sure you have an email bound to your account via settings in-game on Phobies. :slight_smile: That way you can get a recovery code when you need to regain access after clearing cache.