Replay not showing after update

Replay aren’t available after update for now…

When will be it available?

Hey there!
With these matches being on a previous update, you unfortunately won’t be able to view them.
This is intended. :frowning: Apologies for the inconvenience.

Should I installed previous version for view that?

Wow i see myself in one of the logs :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Did u won that game?? :joy::joy::sob:

Yeah lol i’m promax but you were strong too

I don’t have rare phobies that u have, That’s why you won that match

That’s true. Which proves having a wide variety of phobies is useful. :joy:

Is there a reason we can’t view our matches from previous updates? I really enjoy going back and watching old matches. I don’t see the harm? Is it simply that you guys want to clear out space on your servers? That’s the only thing I can think of. I miss having certain matches available to rewatch and learn from.

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I can definitely reach out to the team for more clarity regarding this for you.
I understand that wanting to review and replay old matches to reflect upon can definitely be helpful.