Miss Moffat

Miss Moffat’s pull ability will not activate even when it is ready. I cannot video but can only screenshot but that will probably not be very useful.

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Hey there! Are you able to provide a screenshot so I can take a look? :slight_smile:

That’s all good! So the padlock that is in the lower left corner of the ability indicates that that many turns need to be played out before it is able to be utilized. Do you recall how many turns had gone by when you tried to activate the ability?

I remember it was 2.

If the phobie has the little lock with a ‘1’ on it under it’s ability it means that it cannot use it’s ability on the turn it’s summoned (so it effectively starts with a 1 turn cooldown).
This is the case for most higher key units or just ones with powerful abilities.

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It should unlock after one turn has passed. Could you try using the unit again and wait for the turn to pass by and report back to let us know if it’s still causing trouble.

It’s exactly as ManInYellow had mentioned. :slight_smile: