A bug in challenge 25 chapter 2

In chapter 2 level 25 miss moffat cannot pull ted or jill if it will cause them to die making the level impossible.

Uhh definetely not impossible, just try a different strategy, abt the feature itself tho idk i think that was intended cuz when you usually push or pull to a dying phobie it doesnt move, it just dies

Its not impossible youre just missing the key mechanic that lets you beat it. Ive completed this multiple times and done it right now just to check what you were talking about. The key thing youre missing here is that for bone units stepping on the bone kills them, not the actual reducing of their health to 0

See too many ppl report challenges they cant figure out as bugs lol, you gotta think outside the box for these.

I had to look up the solution and there is only one way to do it…miss moffat is bugged because you can normally pull a phobie even though it will die but she isn’t doing it making the challenge impossible.

Go to Mischa youtube channel and find chapter 2 challenge 25 and see the solution.

That isn’t what I am talking about. Let me be clear, Miss Moffat is supposed to pull phobies even if it will cause them to turn into bones. On my device she will not pull them making the level impossible. I looked up the solution and I had the correct idea but couldn’t solve it because she doesnt pull. I tried to pull both ted and jill when it would have caused them to turn into bones but it doesn’t move them any closer it just turns them to bones.

I understand how someone could mistake a difficult level for a bugged level. I have done every challenge so far without any help. I only report this because I tried every other possibility and have looked up the solution but when I try to imitate the solution Miss Moffat doesn’t pull.

She will not pull Ted or Jill if they will turn into bones because of the pull. Normally you can pull even though they will turn into bones.

No, not really, i tried many many times on different instances like terrordactyl and when it turns to bones when it got pushed/pulled at the same time, it does not get pushed or pulled, idk how YOU did it but when i try thats normally what happens to me all the time

Idk if you watched the video I told you but in the video on how to complete the level they were able to pull it even though it turned into bones

Also, for that level specifically, there is no other way to complete it except to pull it while it turns into bones.

I did it by pulling jill first and then hitting him woth moley… pretty much works the same way

Ok i saw the video, i think they changed that, idk why tho

you can do it without moffat pulling to kill, just pull first then hit with moley

Thank you. They must have changed the mechanics of pulling a phobie if it will turn to bones because the video I watched had her pull jill while she died. But I should have seen this solution too.