Murder Wing can’t attack constructed blocks

Hey Guys, in a recent match I ran into a problem. My Murder Wing could not attack a constructed block. By clicking on it, it only flew on the block.


Murder Wing is a flying phobie, so it will get on top of the obstacle and not attack it. In case you want to damage the object you will have to use the skill.

Okay but that’s confusing. The obstacle is treated as an enemy for ground units, there’s no issue in attacking it. Then why is it not possible to attack it with flying units? Why does the obstacle turn into an enemy only by using Murder Wings skill?

But it’s intentional, only ground phobies are able to inflict any damage towards obstacles.

Flying units were designed to fly above any type of obstacle regardless of what type of obstacle it is. If they allow flying units to attack obstacles, that means you won’t be able to go on top of them.

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why murder wing can use skill on obstacle but beauty can’t?

Please consider why this is a serious game play issue. Constructed obstacles are valid targets, and attacking them can be a crucial part of strategy. There are many flying units and disabling their ability to attack some valid targets but not others is a significant handicap. There should be no difference between normal attacks and special attacks for the purpose of attacking valid targets within range, and many flying units do not have special attacks. I guarantee that most players experience this frustrating mechanic as a debilitating bug. Flying on top of objects is equally important, but there needs to be a way to do both. This may be a current limitation of the existing interface, but please consider it a priority for the near future. Phobies already has the ability to toggle between repeatedly tapped objects that share the same place (e.g. a creature and a stim pad beneath it). One possible solution would be to extend this ability to toggle between valid targets and valid destinations. Constructed objects, by the current game play logic, are both, or if declared otherwise, should be. Thank you.

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