My new fan Phobie: Super Voltage

I make a new Fan Phobie and i will share whit us.
He have a rare consept But thinking that series like Invensible and The Boys are very popular, I would say that there would be nothing bad with my suggestion.
It could be presented on festive dates such as Christmas or Children’s Day, in addition to being an event and can be free through challenges or games played and after event is ended can be obtainable like any other phobie through packs.
The phobie can be announced by an heroic trailer of fight of the fears Even Lippy can praise the actions as if he were part of them and will become part of the Phobies.
I would say that they are my suggestions, I hope you like the idea as I like it



Its a toy right? Thats pretty cool im a big fan of toy stuff so i would definetley like to see something like this in game although i doubt the devs have the balls to make a common have an ability besides leap especially one like aoe. Besides that seems fairly balanced aswell the only thing that i would change is the design its just too humanoid although an opinion is an opinion i have a huge bias for machines over humans anyway, i like it overall, Good job.

One last thing maybe it doesnt need the lob since it already has moley movement i say get rid of one of em.

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