My phobies ideas,hope you'll like them

First of all,if someone wants to make art based of the phobies ideas i will talk about,you can do it😁

Without further ado, let’s start the show!


Type Of Movement:Walking
Amount of HP:1400
Attack DMG:450(it can hit a phobie from one tile,meaning it’s a melee type)
Rarity: Uncommon
Amount Of Keys: 5

Special Ability: Im Coming For You…

This Ability allows Closetor to perfrom a launch attack(kinda like Primate#9) as a chain attack.


Closetor is close to Ginsting And Cassowary,Closetor will be able to Launch itself from Ginsting To Cassowary.

Special Ability Range: 2

Special Ability Cooldown: 2

Name:The Saw
Type: Mechanical
Type Of Movement: Walking
Amount Of HP: 1770
Attack DMG: 550(+ 300 for electrical DMG and the type of attack is aoe and can attack a phobie from one tile)
Amount Of Keys: 6

Flavor Text: Well,looks like you will be sawed any minute now…

Name: Gatherer
Type: Mechanical
Type Of Movement: Walking
Movement: 2
Amount Of HP: 1800
Attack DMG: 380(it attacks from three tiles with aoe type of targeting meaning it’s ranged with a -50% reduction of DMG to enemies around the targeted enemy phobie)
Rarity: Ultra Rare
Amount Of Keys:5

Flavor Text: If you thought Heavo Plaid was the best robot…

Behind The Card At The End Of The Flavor Text: Check This Robot Out!

Hope you will like those ideas! Remember,if you wanna make drawings out of those phobies ideas, don’t hesitate! I would be glad to see what does your arts will look like,see you soon!