New Phobies

Here you can Post Your Selfmade Phobies:

Here IS my:

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Holy Thing:
Attack:450-500 Damage
Cost:7 Keys
Ability:Spawns a hole under the other Phobie.
Phobie falls into and comes Out another hole on the same field and Takes 650-700 Damage. Phobie gives an new Effect:
Infected Phobie can’t Attack Holly Thing for 2 Rounds. Ability reloads every 3 Rounds.

Haha looks like a horror form of Spongebob! Love it!

Thanks thats nice♥️
You are the First one who answers!
Now, do you got any nice Phobie idea?
If you got any Then you can Post it here.

I actually do have a few ideas. Already started drawing one. Will post it soon. I’ve been longing for a phobie that can plug holes :sweat_smile:

Colossus - looks like something out of Shadow of the Colossus
Keys: 9
Ultra Rare
Health: 3500
Attack: None
Ability: The sky is falling: Makes one big jump, when landing, the ceiling falls in pieces, dealing 500 damage to all enemy phobies on the map. Cooldown 4 turns.

Moleroot – Molerat with spider legs coming from its back
Keys: 5
Ultra Rare
Health: 1500
Attack: 400
Move: 3 Blocks – Moves underground.
Range: Same block
Underground, takes half the damage given. Poison, disease and Fire gives normal damage.
Ability: Tickle your feet: It needs to move underneath a phobie to attack. When the enemy is attacked, it is stunned for one round. The molerat can continue attacking the enemy while underneath it or move away to the next victim. If the enemy is not dead by the next round after the stun, it cannot be stunned again.


Oh Fuck, thats so good!
Now I feel sad because I can’t Draw Like that.
But I wont take an art Class because here In Frankfurt they are pretty expensive(and boring).
Very beutifull!

Haha thank you, I appreciate it. Don’t worry, in South Africa it’s also expensive. I’ve been teaching myself with a little bit of classes in the past. But don’t worry, it seems like you’ve got talent as well!

I’ve got a lot more. I don’t have a lot of time to draw, but will post as I finish a drawing.

Please also post more if you have more ideas! And don’t hesitate to draw them! I want to see your art!

Here my new idea:

Not that good 'cause its a freakin Kaktus but I think thats okay.

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That’s a very cool concept! I like it!

Yesterday I was drawing some kinda Art and I will uploud IT soon, because I still have To paint IT.
I think IT will BE a cool Pic.

By the way
This IS the Computer.
Because I have a German Phone.

Just a quick sketch. I imagine him grey and yellow.

Doug – A digger truck
Keys: 4
Health: 1000
Attack: 400
Move: 2 blocks
Range: 1 block
Ability: Hole in one: Creates or fills a hole in the map. Only your phobies can cross the filled hole. An enemy crossing over the filled hole will fall to its death and break the filling. Cooldown: 2 turns.

I Like your Idea very much 'cause IT can create or fill a hole what IS a pretty good Idea

I thought so too. We need such a Phobie in our game!

As a mom, I’m kind of biased to this one. ( The Digger Truck / Doug ) I know my son would love it. :stuck_out_tongue:
Pretty fun concept, too!

I have a couple of phobies I created a while back with no real back story or stats to go with but I’d be more than happy to share them here as well if that’s okay!

Here is Macho Root Man,

He is a monster phobie
Keys: 5
Health: 2700
Movement: 2
Attack range: 1
Attack damage: 450

Special ability: Eat your greens!
Jumps and slams down on enemy phobies
Attack range: 2
Attack radius: 2
Attack damage: 500