My user is unlinked with email

My User is unlinked with email. How to get existed user again. Thank you.

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hello @TANmaru, In order to assist you and since it’s something that has to be done privately we’d like you to either open a ticket in our Discord server or send an email to

I send a requirement to e-mail this day. How long you reply or advise me to get back user?

Hey TANmaru!
I have been responding to emails. Our team was out for Canadian Thanksgiving and away during the weekend. I’ll monitor this thread for an update from you if you have heard back!

Thank you for your help. I got a code right now.

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Wonderful! I’ll go ahead and close this thread as the issue as been resolved.
If you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to create another thread. :slight_smile: