No recovery code

Hello, my account was unlinked and I don’t have any recovery code. Can you help me?

Hey there!

We can absolutely assist with with this. ( Thank you for your patience. Our team is out of office on the weekends. )

Could you please create a ticket on under #request-support or email with the following information?

  • In-Game Name
  • Account Creation Date (when did you create your account, please include your time zone)
  • Date last accessed account (when was the last time you were able to log in?)
  • Device used to play the game
  • Last Phobie Acquired
  • Frenemy’s IGN (Any of your Frenemy’s Usernames, if you have any, or just mention type “None” if you don’t have any Frenemy in the game)
  • How did you lose your account?
  • And any of the following as additional proof that the account is yours:

For security purposes, please email or create a ticket on one of the indicated platforms above so we can assist with this.

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