Naming every phobie to my liking

1 key:
Razor mouth-kitte cat
AWOL-this little piggy went to the mental hospital
Electricat-electric cat
Muffintop-silly cupcake man
Henrietta-american spider
Blue-a freaking balloon
Sockassin-british spider
Slayerrrrr-electric cats frankenstein
Numbskull-land pufferfish
Ted-drunk husband
Contortio-that one dude that likes circuses
Jill-cheating wife
Batula-draculas pet
Boomer-old rock man
2 key:
Gesund heit-bless you
Suckee-shark leech
Wiggy- bug numero 1
Maggie- bug numero 2
Finnigan-literal bull shark
Uni corn-just corn
Bad omen-pillager curse irl
Cupcake-silly muffin woman
Droney-delivery drone gone rouge
K-9000-scientists dog
Rusty-the one bears fear
KERBLOOM-minespider 2.0
Cassowary-australian apocalypse
Creep-lil mummy thing
Jackalopes-clothes loving deer
Eternal knight-definetely NOT eternal
Squiggles-heartbroken alien
Bloat-land eel
3 key:
Minotaur-furry with nunchuks
Mike roscopic-marviniscule
Venus-bug numero eater
Tick-maggot carrier
Bomangles-joker experiment
Clinico-ambulance center
Jar cannon-cannon in a jar
KABOOM-minespider 2.5.0
Baby snakey-mummified adult serpent
Murder wing-halloween bat
Bad sushi-fish overboard
Jackalope king- clothes deers god
Creepy devil-the REAL creep
Stabby-voodoo doll 3am
Thunder rocks-thunder that should be way stronger rocks
Tooth fairy-what i wish was the tooth fairy
Jammyfish-sky jelly
4 key:
Slammer head-land hammerhead
Moley bully-the giant mole from nigel and marmalade
Temptresss-face cobra
Ginsting-beehive with tiny legs
Sheeping gas-fart cloud
Honey bear-giganto tardigrade
Clobster-crab lobster digger thing
Poison ivy-bug numero eater on steroids
Werewolf-wheres the wolf
Hydra-tank snake
In-oculus-octopus sniper
I scream-screaming in pain from the iceberg
Doctor dermic-dr-gs that are good for you
Gonzo bonzo-the insane monkey from toy story
Giggles-joker experiments joker experiment
Radihater-angry teethy radiator
Blinky-eye monster
Unbearable-winnie the pooh with too much honey
Daisy-museum work who escaped
Primate #9-the chimp who nasa launched to space
Snappy-death by being flipped over
Rockus-minecraft slime with stone slabs
Gargles-gargling my di-
Furkin leepricarn-irish witch beast
Sssizzzle-mummified serpents ghost
Glob-hungy slime
5 key:
Staremaster-king of blinking
Quagmire-boogie man in my closet
Ray chargels-sky ray
Miss moffat-australian spider
Noxious-a dragon who was not trained
Sasquatch-super hairy monkey man
Heavo-tin can
Medibot-digital psychiatrist drone gone rouge
Both Speedolas-burrito bison robots
Repeller-octopus sniper negative
Morty-murder drone gone rouge
Badside manners-cancer patient
Fetch-good dog
Smiley-stinky flying cloth
Conductor-do re mi fa sol la ti do
Jaws-the movie but on land
Psyclops-illuminati cyclops
Charon-mud collector
Baba yaga-chicken house
Doom doom-trap the trapper
Lila-mooshrooms mushroom
Sir probesalot-alien einstein
6 key:
Tiny tim-emo mole
Boofairy-hand horse fairy
Hematic ginsting-killer bees’ beehive with tiny legs
Rambolina-blind ms bull
Puff-dragon who was trained to destroy
Baaad sheep-fart smoke
Blondie-anxiety tank snake
Attractor-octopus sniper positive
Furnace face-sentient boiler
Zomboni-worthy sacrifice
Erratic-literally frankenstein
Goon-canadian friday the 13th
Jeeves-ice walrus
Mount crushmore-BUST THE BUILDING
Octo naughty-squid:)
Alastor-target version of the ring
Scritch-cat dog hand version
Rocketman-starfish dude
7 key:
Alley gator-cellar croc
Ogre-demented shrek
Sparky-mutilated flash
Mr tramples-blind mr bull
Fire ant-lint with legs
Bogart-bomb froggie
Fishtank-gorrilla fish
Motherload-bomb ufo
Oopsy baby-siren baby
Heavo 2.0-tin can of kidney beans
Fleshcrawler-mini human centipede
Terrordactyl-bigger museum work who escaped
Fowl-add some seasoning, pop it in the oven with some potaters and olive oil and MWUAH, chefs kiss
Whuffalo will-mind whale
Brony-g@y horse
Leshy-mother nature
Edgar allen-raven
8 key:
Barzilla-goofy godzilla mascot
Yeti-super hairy siberian monkey man
Doughzer-marshmallow thing from ghost busters
Subnoxious-death drill from steven universe
Hi five-mace man
Mildred-cat lady
Heartbreaker-does NOT break hearts
Beauty-sentient nebula
9 key:
Smother mother-underground vine octopus
Heavo 3.0-tin can of jalapenos
Chuck-catapult man
Akira-tentacle bomb monster thing who pulls everything idk



This took a couple of days because school