What are your favourite phobies in each key?

I’ll start…

What I own:
1 Key. Boomer
2 Keys. Cassowary
3 Keys. Jar Cannon
4 Keys. In Oculus (or Werewolf - not owned)
5 Keys. Staremaster (or Jaws - not owned)
6 Keys. Mount Crushmore (or Puff - not owned)
7 Keys. Fowl (or Blast-o Tastic - not owned)
8. Beauty (or Mildred - not owned)
9. I only have Akira. Not my favourite. But not owned: Chuck or Frosty. Can’t decide.


5.Miss Moffat
6.Tiny Tim :slight_smile:
9.Heavo 3.0

7.Edgar Allen

From the phobies I own:

  1. Contortio
  2. Gesundheit
  3. Murder wing
  4. Ginsting
  5. Ray chargles
  6. Klepto
  7. Alley gator
  8. Barzilla
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I just edited my post for the things that I also don’t own yet

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nice choices, chuck is prolly my most wanted

Mine too. It’s a deadly weapon!

1 key. Ted and Jill (count them together since there basically the same-ish)


3 key. Snowball

4 key. In-Oculus or Rockus (can’t decide)

5 key. Badside manners

6 key. Mount crushmore

7 key. Terrordactyl

8 key. Barzilla (it’s the only one I have)

9 key. None, don’t have one.

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what abt the ones you dont have?

for ones I don’t have

1 key. Numbskull

2 key. Bloat

3 key. KABOOM

4 key. Grime or werewolf

5 key. Conductor

6 key. Alastor

7 key. Edger Allan

8 key. Russell

9 key. Chuck

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Numbskull 4/5
Bloat 3/5
Kaboom 3/5
Grime 5/5 werewolf 4/5
Conductor 3/5
Alastor 5/5
“Edger Allan” :skull: 5/5
Russell 4/5
Chuck 5/5

I always accidentally do Allan and not Allen a lot

you said “edger” allan XD

Phobies I have:
1 key = Boom
2 keys = Uni corn
3 keys = Jar cannon
4 keys = Ginsting
5 keys = Staremaster
6 keys = Tiny Tim
7 keys = Mr. Tramples
8 keys = I only have Barzilla ._.

Phobies in album:
1 key = Sockassin
2 keys = Gesundheit
3 keys = Creepy Devil
4 keys = Clobster
5 keys = Morty
6 keys = Jeeves
7 keys = Fowl
8 keys = Mummy
9 keys = Heavo 3.0

From what i mostly dont own
3-KABOOM (based from 1-3)
4-Clobster snip snip
5-Smiley the stinky cloth
6-Hoovey, i like her little jig
7-Brony, bro has no enemies
9-Smotha motha (beleive it or not, i own her)

Never seen Hoovey before, what does it do?

Shes the newest phobie, her attacks heal your heart

Nice (I need it, I suck at keeping my heart alive especially when I have to deal with heart attackers)

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Good luck, cuz its UR babieeeeeee cuz we needed more UR’s

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Eh makes sense it’s Ultra Rare due to its ability. (Hey I might get them when I open my first dreadful)

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I went ahead and used my nerd logic to see how probable it is,
If you want hoovey out of the other 46 UR’s excluding jar cannon, youd have a 2.13% chance to get hoovey if you dont have any UR’s