Network error

My account name in game is NeonCat142 and every time i try to turn on the game on my phone it says network error and doesnt let me in but on my pc it works just fine idk whats the problem but I want to be able to play on my phone bc we are soon going on a vacation (sorry for my spelling mistakes or formulqtion of sentences English is not my first language) i play on android

These are my current battle logs but can change bc I am actively playing on pc

Image of the erroand the error sppeared on the updates arrival

Hey there!
On your phone are you using WiFi or Data for your connection?
Have you tried to see if just WiFi works or if just Data works?
Have you also tried seeing if another mobile device has any trouble too?

You could also try clearing your device cache / app cache and see if that helps.
You would need to recover your account afterwards so it’d be good to bind an email to your account via in-game settings before doing so, so you can get your recovery code sent there. :slight_smile:

Clearing data fixed the problem, thank you soooo much!

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You are very welcome! Happy to hear that that helped. :slight_smile: