New phobes ideas #16: Screamer


Unit race: Dimensional
Card type: Ultra-Rare
Key cost: 5

Base stats:

  • Health: 1100
  • Ground movement: 2
  • Attack range: 1
  • Attack damage: 520
  • Active ability: Jumpscare

Allows the unit to move and perform a melee attack with a single action.

  • Ability range: 3
  • Ability damage: 520
  • Ability cooldown: 2 turns

Isn’t this almost identical to “Primate #9” or “Cassowary”? Maybe that’s not a bad thing, or maybe it would fit better as an undead to be part of the same family

“Jump Scare”, “Bad Monkey”, and “Caw Claw” are all charge attacks. Charge 3 might be crazy powerful on small maps. Leap 3 hexes and then do over 1000 damage, or 5 hexes and do over 500 damage.

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