New phobies ideas: The Deadly Sins Set #2

Name: Envy
Unit race: Dimensional
Card type: Rare
Key cost: 4

Base stats:

  • Health: 1300
  • Ground movement: 2
  • Attack range: 1
  • Attack damage: 440
    Passive ability: Yoink

Envy can steal the ability of any enemy phobie, and keep it until it’s used. When used, the ability returns to the enemy phobie, but until then, they can’t use it. Envy can also steal And use said ability on the same turn.

  • Attack range: 2
  • Cooldown: 2 turns

Name: Gluttony
Unit race: Monster
Card type: Ultra-Rare
Key cost: 3

Base stats:

  • Health: 980
  • Bypassing movement: 2
  • Attack range: 1
  • Attack damage: 350
    Active ability: Crunchy!

Gluttony eats a special tile within his reach, destroying it but adding their abilities to his base stats (when destroyed, the space becomes a normal tile, not an abyss). This buff lasts for the rest of that game but it’s not cumulative, if he already has an extra ability when eating another tile, the previous one dissapears.

  • Ability range: 2 (when used, he emerges from the special tile)
  • Cooldown: 2 turns
    If he eats a:
  • Stim pad = +350 damage
  • Healing spa = +200 hp restoration per turn
  • Lava = Attacks sets tiles on fire (+100 damage for 1 turn)

Question, what if gluttony eats a conveyor, a tainted and diseased tile

This artwork is also immaculate

If he eats a conveyor tile, he gets +1 movement range
If he eats a poison/ disease tile, he gets poison (+100 x 2 turns) / disease (+100 permanent) damage

I forgot to add these because the wiki isn’t updated

Thank you very much, even though i was kind of expecting that answer

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Thanks! it means a lot

nice artwork and ideas samu. Also like that they make sense for the amount of keys they cost, i would buff them because of the unique abilities but thats just me. Theyre perfect