New phobies type

I was thinking on creating a new type of phobie in the game, plants type. This type would have the characteristic that in has 50% more of fire damage and 20% of less poison damage. Phobies like Uni Corn, venus, Spud Gingsting, Poison Ivy or leshy would be in this type


Wow! That actually sounds a very interesting idea! Probably add in Broccoli and the other hated veggies hehe.


But what will be the background color? Green is already taken by Undead.

My two cents say yellow would be fitting

Probably give the green background to that type to signify flora while the undead will have a more suitable color for them. Like gray for example :melting_face:

Adding few more phobies types could be a nice addition. However I would prefer if the type had bigger impact on strategic choices. For example I love how Dimensional phobies are pulling enemies 1 tile after being killed, which can put them into danger. It makes positioning much more exciting. Rock-scissors-paper mechanics are also nice, but I find them much less interesting. Fire vulnerability could be neat, because we don’t have any at the moment, however poison resistance is already implemented in mechanical phobies.

An idea for a plant perk:
“After being killed it fertilizes tile allowing you to summon 1 plant phobie in it’s place.”
Depending on impliementation it could change tile type and be restricted to only normal tiles, or could be activated anywhere, but it could be stomped and destroyed by enemy (like bones from “Resurrect” ability).