New portraits are not falling out,

new portraits are not falling out, please check. I play through comp platform Steam

Last year, when the first portraits were introduced, they didn’t fall out either, so it was already a mistake and only corrected when the second portraits were introduced

Sorry but what does not falling out means? You don’t get them?
While diamond jack gives you better reward, it doesn’t guarantee you to get a portrait. It’s still depend on your luck.

Yes, I don’t get new portraits, before always diamonds fell out, but now I think they don’t work on the steаm platform, so please check if that’s the case or not. when the very first portraits appeared in steаm, they didn’t fall out to anyone, that’s why I’m writing about it now

Actually, I play on steam and was able to get a portrait. But I don’t use it because I prefer my current avatar. Also, I don’t think no one got the very first portraits because I’ve seen people using them but as time passes by new portraits are introduced so they might probably changed also. I believe getting portraits purely depends on our luck, regardless of platform. If you still think otherwise, you can open a ticket on phobies official discord server however it might take some time to get a response since the team is out for holiday break.